Feeding your soul : towards a new (agro) culture ?

Understandings, feelings and common sense …

After some sharing more related to our beliefs, thoughts, emotions, life wounds … I suggest you today to dive into the heart of nourishing understandings. Jacques Antonin gives us his approach to living things. Feeding your soul or how what we eat transforms who we are. (And yes! Just like what we see, smell, touch, hear, perceive).

Energy always precedes matter, aren’t farmers the first physicians on Earth? and consequently of man … “We cannot solve a problem at the same level that it was created” (A. Einstein) therefore, what state of consciousness, what new impetus do we need to overcome imposed conditions, those which have deviated from the common sense of our ancestors gatherers, by insecurities and therefore by fears. This is not a judgment but a statement full of gentleness and full of hope that I bring to you today. Because there are many those in the new generations who are changing the world by revolutionizing the base, that is to say, the relationship to food. The knowledge of the ancients remains alive as long as it is transmitted. So let’s pass it on!

(special dedication for Eliot …)